Baby Safe

Baby Safe – Baby Monitor

A device, using our Patent Pending technology, that will allow you to monitor your baby or dependant.

This device will enable you to monitor the environment around your baby and let you know if it is getting too hot or cold. This information is conveniently available on your mobile device including iOS, Android or Windows Mobile devices.

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Custom Design

Custom Embedded System Development

Sometimes you just don’t have time to do it all yourself. Let us do your design or software framework or your whole project.




Custom Module Development

  • Temperature, Touch, Proximity
  • Contant voltage/boost battery circuits
  • BlueTooth/WiFi interfaces



Custom Software Development

  • Windows, OSX, Linux.
  • Atmel AVR Processors and most 8051 architectures.
  • iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices.



We now include a large selection of prototyping converter modules. We can provide a DIP or SIP board for most SMT devices. If you do not have the facilities or patience to place your SMT devices on these boards we will do it for you for an additional minimal charge.

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Manufacturing and Repair


You have your boards and your components and now you have to put them all together. We carry a large range of solder/de-solder products which will fit your needs.

Whe have products for small projects to larger projects in lead or lead-free (RoHS).



If you want to remove a SMT device to reprogram it or replace it with an aftermarket chip use our Complete Solder/Desolder Rework Kit. Examples are replacing control chips on Engine Control Units, ECU, to boost performance. Another example is repairing game consoles.





If you need a SMT component for a new project and  don’t know how to get it off a board from an old project or another source use our SMD removal kit.






Our complete Solder/Flux product range.


Testing Equipment

Logic Analyzers and Test Clips

When debugging, your embedded or system software just does not give you enough information. In order to get more useful information it is necessary to monitor control lines on your PCB or proto-board. Using a storage scope or Logic Analyzer is one option, however it is pricey – the best option is a USB Logic Analyzer. We carry two products and a number of clips to make your testing life easier.


Browse Testing Equipment.

Embedded Products

Karlsson Robotics carries the following embedded processors:


Arduino is a small embedded board based on the Atmel processors. There are number of different versions and to help you find the correct one for your needs you can use our Arduino Selection Guide.



mbed comes in two different versions one version with the ARM Cortex-M0 and the other with the Cortex-M3. It comes with a ton of tools that can be downloaded from It even has a drag-and-drop programming interface.


Raspberry Pi

This was developed by – it uses the Samsung SOC (System on Chip) processor and runs Linux. This is a very popular device and can be found here. Note that the demand for this device is exceptionally high and lead times are typically 12-15 weeks. If you place a back-order you will be assured of your position in the queue for each shipment.