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SparkFun Projects Case - Clear

SparkFun Projects Case - Clear
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Description: The SparkFun enclosure now in clear! This is a very simple, but surprisingly handy project box designed by SparkFun. The box comes with three plastic pieces and includes 4 screws. The insert on the end of the box can be CNC milled (or just dremeled out by hand) for connectors, LEDs, switches.

The bottom section of the enclosure has a unique pattern of raised dots. These dots are on a 0.2" grid. Our plastic standoffs fit nicely onto the 0.09" diameter dots. This allows for a large number of standoff configurations. Using our plastic standoffs, you can mount any shaped board into the enclosure. A small amount of super glue or hot glue will make the mounting permanent.

The outer corners of the SFE box also fit a Eurocard sized PCB (100x80mm). This makes the SFE box ideal for enclosing Olimex and other large development boards.


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Precision Phillips Set
Polarized Connectors - Housing (2-Pin)
Motor Driver 2A Dual L298 H-Bridge
LED - Super Bright Green (100 pack)
Multimeter Tweezer Probes
Enclosure - Aluminum (120x95x35mm)
13x2 Pin Female Header
SSOP-16 to DIP-16 SMT Adapter (0.635 mm pitch)
LilyPad Rainbow LED (strip of 7 colors)
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