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RS232 Shifter Board Kit

RS232 Shifter Board Kit
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Description: Get your PIC or other uC talking to your computer fast and easy with this board! This is a small custom PCB developed to connect the UART on a microcontroller directly to the computer without the hassle of a MAX232 circuit. Almost all current computers (less than 10 years old) utilize a serial port based on the EIA-232 standard which operates from +/-3-12V rather than the RS232 standard of +/-12V. This board takes signals from the computer/microcontroller and correctly inverts and amplifies the serial signals to the EIA-232 standard. Works great up to about 38400bps. Originally designed to get Bloader working in a bread-board setup, we use our Shifter at 115200bps without problems.

Comes as a bag of parts kit and is easily assembled if you can follow the silkscreen indicators and have beginning experience with a soldering iron.

Checkout our soldering tutorial to assemble this device.


  • Qty 1 : DB9 Female Header
  • Qty 1 : 2N3904
  • Qty 1 : 2N3906
  • Qty 1 : 1N4148
  • Qty 5 : 10K Ohm
  • Qty 2 : 220 Ohm
  • Qty 2 : Basic LEDs
  • Qty 1 : 10uF
  • Qty 4 : 5" Wire

    Documents: Schematic
    Dimensions: 1.25x1.15"

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    7-Segment Serial Display - Blue
    Gadgeteer - Cables (10 pack)
    TSSOP-10-Exp-Pad (0.5 mm pitch) Stainless Steel Stencil
    Aluminum Beam - 7.70" (pair)
    Precision Disc Wheel - 5" (Yellow)
    Shaft - Solid (Stainless; 1/8"D x 4"L)
    Precision Disc Wheel - 3" (Black)
    Wheel - 65mm (Rubber Tire, Pair)
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