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Monocle Magnifier - Illuminated

Monocle Magnifier - Illuminated
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Description: When working with small parts, sometimes you need magnification and some extra light. This is a monocle we use regularly in our production facility. It has a 10x lens with a working distance of about 1-1/2". The 1" diameter eye piece fits snugly around your eye with a 15" aluminum-core headband. The LED provides sufficient light at the working distance.

This loop magnifier set itself apart in our eyes because of the little LED on the side. Trying to view SMD connections is hard enough – the LED on the side is a huge help for those close up inspections.

LED battery comes installed.

Note: We've recently received a shipment of these magnifiers with 15x lenses instead of 10x. When ordering this product you may receive the 15x or the 10x as we transition the stock.

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