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MiFare Classic (13.56 MHz) tag assortment - 1KB

MiFare Classic (13.56 MHz) tag assortment - 1KB
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One of each of our favorite Mifare Classic 1K tags – 5 in total!

  • Credit card size
  • 1″ diameter ‘laundry’ clear tag
  • 1″ diameter ‘laundry’ white tag
  • Key fob
  • Sticker

These can be read by almost any 13.56MHz RFID/NFC reader but make sure it can handle MiFare cards as there are a few other encoding standards (like FeLica) They are tested and work great with both our Adafruit NFC/RFID Shield for Arduino!

These chips can be written to & store up to 1 KB of data in writable EEPROM divided into banks, and can handle over 100,000 re-writes. You can use our Adafruit NFC/RFID Shield for Arduino to read and write data to the EEPROM inside the tag. There is also a permanent 4-byte ID burned into the chip that you can use to identify one tag from another - the ID number cannot be changed.

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