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Geiger Tube

Geiger Tube
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Description: Need to test for nuclear fallout? Geiger tubes are the sensing elements of Geiger counters, which are used to measure ionizing radiation. This tube is made of a thin-walled stainless steel and is filled with a mixture of Neon and Halogen gases at low-pressure.

You'll need a large voltage to get the Geiger tube to going – 325VDC minimum, 500VDC recommended. If ionizing radiation passes through the tube, short pulses of current will flow from the negative electrode to the positive electrode to be measured or counted. Check out the datasheet below for an application circuit.

This is the same tube used on our Geiger Counter development board.

This product is controlled for export by the United States. Sending it to other countries may still be possible, but will require additional information prior to shipment.


  • Length: 1.94" maximum
  • Diameter: 0.59" maximum


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