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Custom Design

At Karlsson Robotics we don't just offer electronic components and modules we also offer a full spectrum of services from design assistance to complete project design and implementation. Some of our recent projects include completing the electronic design and software for a kiosk, converting an inventors ideas into a gadget, creating a prototype for a proof of concept, and many more.

No matter how small or large your project we can work with you to realize your dream, or meet and surpass your managers expectations.

We use professional tools to design and code all our systems these include IAR Workbench, Altium Designer, Visual Studio, CodeWarrior, etc.

When you realize that you just don't have time to do it all yourself Contact Us and let us do your design or software framework or your whole project.

Custom Module Development

  • Temperature, Touch, Proximity
  • Constant voltage/boost battery circuits
  • BlueTooth/WiFi/Zigbee/802.15.4/etc. interfaces


Custom Software Development

  • Windows, OSX, Linux.
  • Atmel AVR Processors, Arduino, Mbed, PIC, PICAXE, 8051, etc. architectures.
  • iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices.


Getting your prototype or project up and running in a few simple steps.

Step 1 - Specify

  • Specify your microprocessor make and model i.e. Atmel ATtiny167/TI 8051/Arduino Uno/etc.
  • Specify the Modules you want to use i.e. Temperature/GPS/Blue Tooth/etc.


Step 2 - Design

  • Specify what you want to do with inputs/outputs from the modules.
  • Specify how data must be formatted and output.


Step 3 - Deliver

  • We provide a flow diagram of how we think you want your system to operate - which you sign off on.
  • We deliver fully commented code in either C or C++ depending on your requirement.


Our rates are negotiable we charge either a flat hourly rate or weekly rate. There is also an option for a fixed project rate for larger projects.

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