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Bluetooth SMD Module - RN-42

Bluetooth SMD Module - RN-42
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Description: This module from Roving Networks is powerful, small, and very easy to use. This Bluetooth module is designed to replace serial cables. The Bluetooth stack is completely encapsulated. The end user just sees serial characters being transmitted back and forth. Press the 'A' character from a terminal program on your computer and an 'A' will be pushed out the TX pin of the Bluetooth module.

The RN-42 is pin a compatible substitution for the RN-41. The primary difference between the RN-42 and RN-41 is that the RN-42 is a Class 2 device meaning its range is about 50 to 60 feet and correspondingly the power consumption is reduced.

The RN-42 is perfect for short range, battery powered applications.  The RN-42 uses only 26uA in sleep mode while still being discoverable and connectable.  Multiple user configurable power modes allow the user to dial in the lowest power profile for a given application.

Supporting multiple Bluetooth profiles such as SPP and HID and simple UART hardware interface, it is simple to integrate into an embedded system or simply connect to an existing device.  The RN-42 is FCC and Bluetooth SIG certified making it a complete embedded Bluetooth solution.


  • Fully qualified Bluetooth module
  • FCC Certified
  • Fully configurable UART
  • UART Data rates up to 3Mbps
  • Over air data rate of 721kbps to 2.0Mbps
  • Low power sleep mode
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth products that support SPP
  • Includes support for BCSP, DUN, LAN, GAP SDP, RFCOMM, and L2CAP protocols
  • 3.3V operation
  • Status pin
  • Bluetooth Technology v2.0 compatible
  • Class 2 power output


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