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Vernier Sensor - Gas Pressure Sensor

Vernier Sensor -  Gas Pressure Sensor
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This is the Vernier Gas Pressure Sensor, an easy to operate tool that can be used to monitor pressure changes of a gaseous element. The range on this Vernier sensor is wide enough to perform pressure vs. volume (Boyle’s law) experiments yet it is sensitive enough to conduct vapor-pressure or pressure-temperature experiments.

These Gas Pressure Sensors offer the user to test in a pressure range of 0 to 2.1 atm (0 to 210 kPa) to a max of 4 atm. Driving this sensor is the Honeywell SSCMRNN030PAAA5 pressure transducer, a fully capable piezoresistive silicon pressure chip that more than meets the requirements for any teacher, student, or enthusiast who uses this Vernier add-on.

Vernier Software and Technology has been a leader in data collection and analysis for educators world-wide. They were amongst the first companies to design and promote the use of computers, sensors, and data collection in K-12 classroom laboratory experiments.

Note: Due to manufacturer’s restrictions, we can only ship these to the USA. Sorry world!


  • Pressure Range: 0 to 2.1 atm (0 to 210 kPa or 0 to 1600 mm Hg)
  • Maximum Pressure: 4 atm
  • Resolution: 0.0006 atm (0.06 kPa or 0.45 mm Hg)
  • Response Time: 100 microseconds


  • 1x Vernier Gas Pressure Sensor
  • 1x Two-Way Valve
  • 1x 18" Tygon Tubing
  • 1x 20 mL syringe
  • 1x Tapered valve connector inserted into a No. 1 stopper
  • 2x Tapered valve connectors inserted into a No. 5 stopper


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