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Vernier Sensor - Dual-Range Force Sensor

Vernier Sensor - Dual-Range Force Sensor
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This is the Vernier Dual-Range Force Sensor, a great general purpose apparatus that can be used to measure the push and pull of different objects and forces. This Vernier sensor is perfect when used as a replacement for a hand-held spring scale or when mounted on a dynamics cart to track and read collisions. Studying friction, some simple harmonic motion, and centripetal force information have never been easier to read.

Each Dual-Range Force Sensor has a resolution range of between 0.01 Newtons to 50 Newtons, and all the hardware you will need to start measuring the push and pull of almost anything you want.

Vernier Software and Technology has been a leader in data collection and analysis for educators world-wide. They were amongst the first companies to design and promote the use of computers, sensors, and data collection in K-12 classroom laboratory experiments.

Note: Due to manufacturer’s restrictions, we can only ship these to the USA. Sorry world!


  • Resolution:
    • ± 10 N Range: 0.01 N
    • ± 50 N Range: 0.05 N


  • 1x Dual-Range Force Sensor Module
  • 1x Utility Handle
  • 1x Screw Hook
  • 1x Screw Bumper
  • 1x Thumb Screw


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LilyPad Sewable Electronics Kit
Transceiver nRF24L01+ Module with RP-SMA
Crystal SMD 24MHz
Ribbon Connector - GP-2106
Ribbon Cable - 10 wire (15ft)
NCP1402-5V Step-Up Breakout
Rocker Switch - SPST (round)
Hook-Up Wire - Assortment (Solid Core)
Resistor 4.7K Ohm 1/4 Watt
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