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Teensy 2.0

Teensy 2.0
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Description: The Teensy is a breadboard-friendly development board with loads of features in a, well, teensy package. The Teensy 2.0 breaks out all of the IO available on the ATMEGA32U4 to breadboard-friendly 0.1" spaced headers so you can hook up a load of peripherals.

The Teensy 2.0 comes pre-flashed with a bootloader so you can program it using the on-board USB connection: No external programmer needed! You can program the Teensy in your favorite IDE using C or you can install the Teensyduino add-on for the Arduino IDE and write Arduino sketches for Teensy!

Note: This does not come with a USB cable, please check below for an appropriate one.

Dimensions:  1.2" x 0.7" (30.5 x 17.8 mm)


  • 8-Bit AVR Processor 16 MHz (ATMEGA32U4)
  • 31.5K Flash Memory, 2.5K RAM, 1K EEPROM
  • USB Can Emulate Any Type of Device
  • Single Pushbutton Programming
  • Arduino Compatible
  • 12 Analog Inputs
  • 25 Digital I/O Pins
  • 7 PWM outputs
  • SPI and I2C


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