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TRS Jack Breakout - 1/4" Stereo

TRS Jack Breakout - 1/4" Stereo
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The TRS (tip ring sleeve) jack breakout is a simple board that allows a ¼" stereo audio jack to be soldered on to gain easy access to all of its broken out pins. Makes jack easier to use with breadboards, and labels the connections to cut down on confusion about the normal connections. With this breakout you should find it less complicated to add a ¼" jack to your home stereos or PA systems.

This board breaks out the all the pins you will need to gain access to your TRS jack including GND, T (tip), TN (tip neutral), R (ring), RN (ring neutral), S (sleeve), and SN (sleeve neutral). We’ve also included two mounting holes, which can easily be snapped off if need be, for your basic 4-40 type screw.


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