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SparkFun moto:bit

SparkFun moto:bit
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The SparkFun moto:bit is a fully loaded “carrier” board for the micro:bit that, when combined with the micro:bit, provides you with a fully functional robotics platform. The moto:bit offers a simple, beginner-friendly robotics controller capable of operating a basic robotics chassis. Onboard each moto:bit are multiple I/O pins capable of hooking up servos, sensors and other circuits. At the flip of the switch you can get your micro:bit moving!

The moto:bit connects to the micro:bit via an edge connector at the top of the board, making setup easy. This creates a handy way to swap out micro:bits for programming, while still providing reliable connections to all of the different pins on the micro:bit. We have also included a basic barrel jack on the moto:bit that is capable of providing power to anything you connect to the carrier board.

The micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that lets you get creative with digital technology. Between the micro:bit and our shield-like bit boards you can do almost anything while coding, customizing and controlling your micro:bit from almost anywhere! You can use your micro:bit for all sorts of unique creations, from robots to musical instruments and more. At half the size of a credit card, this versatile board has vast potential!

Note: The SparkFun moto:bit does NOT include a micro:bit board. The micro:bit will need to be purchased separately.

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  • Edge connector for easy use with the micro:bit
  • Full H-Bridge for control of two motors
  • Control servo motors
  • I2C port for extending functionality
  • Power and battery management onboard for the micro:bit


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