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SparkFun Wireless Motor Driver Shield

SparkFun Wireless Motor Driver Shield
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The SparkFun Wireless Motor Driver Shield is designed to make connecting motors, sensors and other components to your Arduino-based project as fast and easy as possible. The heart of the Wireless Motor Driver Shield is the Toshiba TB6612FNG H-Bridge Motor Driver, which allows the shield to control two DC motors at once, both CW and CCW, and to brake electronically. The TB6612FNG H-Bridge is rated up to 1.2A per channel at 13V, which means it will drive a fair variety of hobby motors ranging in power. Each of the GPIO pins is broken out on a “servo-style” header field with PWR and GND to allow you to easily connect devices using a 3-pin servo cable.

Using the onboard slide switches, the motor power and servo power rail can be connected to the Arduino’s regulated voltage, VIN, or a completely separate power supply attached to the shield’s barrel jack. This feature makes the SparkFun Wireless Motor Driver Shield ideal if you are connecting multiple servos and need more than 5V to your robotics project!

This shield also includes an I2C pin-out and a built-in XBee socket, making it perfect for setting up an XBee-based remote control. Simply plug an XBee module into the socket on the shield, and you have the control system for a simple remote control rover or small autonomous robot!

Get Started with the Wireless Motor Driver Shield Guide


  • TB6612FNG H-Bridge Motor Driver
  • XBee Socket
  • I2C Header
  • Arduino R3 Layout


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