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RGB LED Bar Graph - 48 Segment

RGB LED Bar Graph - 48 Segment
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This isn’t your typical LED bar graph; this is a behemoth! This RGB bar graph features an impressive 48 segments of high-brightness LEDs. This common anode bar graph is perfect for projects requiring display meters with higher accuracy for reading a power charge, volume peak or signal strength. It should be mentioned that this board does not have a very compact footprint, so be sure to prepare to use a bit of space.

Each segment in this bar graph has an RGB LED behind it allowing each segment to be any color you’d like. This requires control of 144 LEDs. We recommend some (possibly complex) charlieplexing practices be implemented before using this part. Additionally, to help get everything set up we’ve added the footprint to this bar graph in our Eagle Library. Just click the Eagle icon at the top of the page.

Note: The Datasheet provided below has the blue and green color pins switched. This won’t cause anything to break; just be sure to assign the colors correctly so no weirdness occurs.

Dimensions: 101mm L x 9mm W x 5mm H (w/o Headers)


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