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RFduino - USB Shield

RFduino - USB Shield
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This is the RFduino USB shield, a small add-on board that plugs into any USB port and is used to load your sketches onto an RFduino module. This shield can also be attached to any solderless breadboard with the RFduino DIP plugged on top or even below it for better ease of use. Once your code is loaded onto the RFduino, this USB Shield can be detached!

On-board the RFduino USB Shield is a 3.3V regulator which can be used to supply power to the RFduino DIP module as well as other shields and possibly the rest of your circuit.

Note: This shield is required to load code onto your RFduino.


  • FT231XQ-R USB Controller
  • Max Current: 500mA
  • Serial Interface: RX, TX, RESET


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