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PowerSwitch Tail Kit

PowerSwitch Tail Kit
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Want to control a standard wall outlet device with your micro controller, but don’t want to mess with the high voltage wiring? This might just be the right device for you!

The PowerSwitch Tail Kit is designed to allow you to safely control an outlet device without exposing any 120VAC voltages while being able to “customize” it to meet your applications needs. You can optimize the voltage required for the control signal by selecting and installing different resistor values for R1/R2 slots on the kit PCB. With this ability to choose the control signal voltage the PowerSwitch Tail Kit is given the ability to provide an input voltage from 3VDC all the way to 26VDC. Additionally, power cables are sold separately to give you the choice of cable you wish to use with this kit.

This variation of the PowerSwitch Tail is sold as an easy-to-assemble kit and includes everything listed below with clear assembly instructions listed in the documents section.


  • 1x PowerSwitch Tail PCB
  • 1x PowerSwitch Tail Enclosure (w/ Case and PCB Screws)
  • 1x Relay (120VAC, 40A)
  • 1x Red LED (3mm)
  • 1x Metal Oxide Varistor 14mm (130V)
  • 1x Metal Oxide Varistor 7mm (130V)
  • 1x Resistor 1.0K ohm (1/4w)
  • 1x Resistor 1.5K ohm (1/4w)
  • 1x Resistor 4.7K ohm (1/4w)
  • 1x Resistor 470 ohm (1/4w)
  • 1x Resistor 1.1K ohm (1/4w)
  • 1x Resistor 3.0K ohm (1/4w)
  • 1x IC MOC3063
  • 1x 3-Position Terminal Block (5.08mm)
  • 2x Rubber Grommets


  • Customizable control signal voltage
  • 3VDC to 26VDC control signal range
  • Drive directly from microcontroller pin with as little as 3VDC @ 3mA
  • Connects directly to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone or other 3.3V or 5V MCU
  • 20A switching capacity; 5300vrms isolation
  • Two wire control signal; no separate DC power source required
  • No exposed ac wiring
  • LED status indicator


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