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PicoBuck LED Driver

PicoBuck LED Driver
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Description: The PicoBuck LED Driver is an economical and easy to use driver that will allow you to control and blend three different LEDs on three different channels. Power in supplied to the PicoBuck with a wide range of input voltages (6v to 20v) connected to the VIN header and three inputs for each driver channel (labeled IN1, IN2, and IN3) driven with standard 3.3v or 5v logic.

This PicoBuck supports PWM control so long as the signal is above a minimum of ~1.5V and each LED is driven to ~350mA.

Note: If you're going to use screw terminals, this board uses two different sizes.  Check the related products for both sizes you'll need.

Note: The PicoBuck LED Driver was made in collaboration with Ethan Zonca. A portion of each sale is given back to him.


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