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KR Mini Arduino

KR Mini Arduino
KR Mini with Dual L6470 Stepper Controller
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Descriptions: This board was designed by us to work with a number of our own controller uses the standard Arduino boot loaded and can be programmed by using the Arduino User Interface or other tools like IAR Workbench or Atmel Studio.


  • 6 pin ICSP interface.
  • 3 x 6pin JST SH interfaces all with VCC and GND connections.
  • 2x7 pin header connection with VIn and VCC.
  • 1x2 Jumper pin for external power switch - should be jumped if not needed.



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ELastoLite Panel - 2x2 inches - Green
Channel Slider D (pair)
Shaft Coupler - 1/4" to 3/8"
Shaft - Solid (Stainless; 1/8"D x 5"L)
Hub Mount - 45 Degrees
Channel Feet B (pair)
PIC 44 Pin - PIC16F877A (SMD)
Spectrum Shield
SparkFun 6 Degrees of Freedom Breakout - LSM303C
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