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Flip-Pin (8-pins)

Flip-Pin (8-pins)
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Flip-Pins are a fantastic new way to add headers to your breakout board. Designed by Fliptronics, Flip-Pins are the third generation of the Integrated Circuit (IC) pins that can be soldered into a PCB and that look and act as much like an IC pin as possible. With the unique plastic aligner, the pins are held 0.100" apart, with a 0.062" solder tail exposed.

Each of the eight pins comes in a black plastic sleeve, to keep them aligned while soldering. Once soldered, the sleeve gets removed, and you are left with headers that can easily fit into a breadboard or IC socket with the greatest of ease. If you don’t need all eight pins, that’s fine! Simply cut the plastic sleeve down to the number of pins needed. If you need more, we also offer 14-pin and 20-pin lengths, and these can easily be doubled up for even longer lengths.

A significant feature of Flip-Pins is that their width (0.020") is the same as traditional Dual-Inline-Package (DIP) IC pins, and so Flip-Pins are directly compatible with standard breadboards. Many people use header pins, which are square, to connect their PCBs to breadboards and are unaware that header pins damage the breadboard because they are wider than standard DIP pins.

Note: After soldering, the Flip-Pin will be near flush with the upper side of the PCB. Don’t worry; this is normal and is the desired effect.


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