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Dual L6470 Stepper motor controller

Dual L6470 Stepper motor controller
Dual Stepper Controller with KR Mini Arduino
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This board contains 2 x L6470 dSPIN fully integrated microstepping motor drivers. We have designed this board to take up to 36V with a peak output at 7A.

The board runs at a 5V and has 2 inputs for VS either through the small connector at the top or via the header at the bottom. This simplifies systems where you want to design your board to power the controller directly without having to run additional wires.

The dSPIN has a SPI interface for programming it. The minimum connections you will need will be to connect power, the 3 SPI pins and the Select pins for each processor. You will also need to connect the Reset pins to ensure that you reset the dSPIN's before you program them. you can wire these two together but note that reseting the device returns it to its default settings.

This is a very nice stepper controller and we use it in our own designs for our kiosk customers. All Stepper motors on our site can be controlled by this controller.

The connectors shown above the board are included with the board, they are easy to use as you just press your wire into the back and then connct them to the board. The pitch on the connectors is 2.5mm.

Note: We will be posting a tutorial soon with an arduino library for this device - until then you can use any dSPIN library.


  • Operating voltave 8V-36V
  • r.m.s. current 3A
  • Programmable speed profile and positioning
  • Programmable power MOS slew-rate
  • Microsteps as small as 1/128 of a step.
  • Sensorless stall detection
  • SPI interface
  • Programmable over-current protection
  • Two levels of Overtemperature protection
  • Board is approximately 2"x2". 



We build this item in-house. Please let us know if you want to place an order and they are out of stock.

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Robert Rice
Aug 8, 2014
I now feature this board for use with my Mac desktop CNC control software.

Advantages: Accurate and fast motor control with appropriate MCU firmware. Status feedback for over-temperature, stall, etc.

Disadvantages: Board requires minor modification for daisy-chain configuration. Instructions on my website

Switch input was not implemented.

Some L6470 dSpin features do not work as well as advertised, e.g. stall detection, but the basic Run command works well.
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