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DIYDrones ArduIMU+ V3

DIYDrones ArduIMU+ V3
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Description: The ArduIMU+ V3 is the latest and greatest version of DIYDrones' smart IMU. This time they've made it smaller and faster by incorporating the new Invensense MPU-6000 MEMS 3-axis gyro and accelerometer as well the 3-axis I2C magnetometer HMC-5883L. With the GPS port and on-board Atmega328 microprocessor, the ArduIMU+ V3 is a tiny but powerful orientation solution.

This version of the board is pin compatible with V2, but unlike V2 it's also breadboard friendly! This device is suitable for any application from rockets to simple movement detection.

Having a hard time picking an IMU? Our Accelerometer, Gyro, and IMU Buying Guide might help!

Note: The board comes with a row of right-angle headers, as shown in the pictures. They come unsoldered.

Dimensions: 1.5" x 1.0"


  • 3-Axis gyro with sensitivity up to 131 LSBs/dps and a full-scale range of ±250, ±500, ±1000, and ±2000dps
  • 3-Axis accelerometer with a programmable full scale range of ±2g, ±4g, ±8g and ±16g
  • Reduced settling effects and sensor drift by elimination of board-level cross-axis alignment errors between accelerometers and gyroscopes
  • Full Chip Idle Mode Supply Current: 5µA
  • On-chip timing generator with ±1% frequency variation over full temperature range
  • User self test
  • 10,000g shock tolerant
  • Pin compatible with ArduIMU V2
  • The 6 analog pins are now available!
  • Arduino compatible and open source.
  • 3 status LED's (RGB).
  • I2C port with 3.3V translation.   
  • GPS port with FTDI autoswitch.
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