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BITalino - BioMedical Development Kit

BITalino - BioMedical Development Kit
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Description: Introducing the BITalino, a (comparatively) low cost biomedical data acquisition dev board that allows you to create projects using physiological sensors and tools. Each BITalino is presented in a "ProtoSnap style" making it able to be programmed as a whole board or snapped apart for use in future projects. This dev board also has no shortage of programming APIs which include Python, Java, Android, and more.

The BITalino is equipped with nine removable "blocks" which can be used straight out-of-the-box and include an MCU, Bluetooth, Power, EMG, EDA, ECG, Accelerometer, LED, and Light Sensor! At the heart of this dev board is the tried and true ATMega328 micro-controller that can be configured with a sampling rate up to 1000Hz and capable of supporting six analog inputs (four at 10-bit, two at 6-bit), four digital inputs, and four digital outputs. With the attached BC417 Bluetooth module, triaxial MEMS accelerometer, and physiological sensor inputs will find it difficult to run out of ideas for projects. 

Note: The BITalino only communicates via Bluetooth with your computer.

Included on the Board:

  • Micro-Controller Block
  • Power Block
  • Electromyography Block (EMG)
  • Electrodermal Activity Block (EDA)
  • Electrocardiogram Block (ECG)
  • Lux Block
  • Accelerometer Block
  • Bluetooth Block
  • LED Block

Kit Includes:

  • 1x BITalino Board
  • 1x 3-lead accessory (for EMG / ECG)
  • 1x 2-lead accessory (for EDA)
  • 5x Pre-gelled electrodes
  • 1x Li-Po Battery (3.7V, 500mAh)


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