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12V Solenoid Valve - 3/4"

12V Solenoid Valve - 3/4"
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Description: Have you ever wanted to control the flow of a liquid using your computer or microcontroller, but didn't know how? Well, here's how: The 12V solenoid controlled fluid valve. Simply connect a fluid source to the 3/4" threaded inlet and it will interrupt the flow until 12V is applied to the fast-on connectors on the solenoid.

Note: This is not a gravity-feed solenoid. This means that you will need enough water pressure to fully open the valve. Check the datasheet below for exact details. It operates at a minimum of around 3 PSI, allowing around 3 L/min of flow. Although the datasheet shows the valve working at 220 VAC, it's actually 12 VDC. Our 350 GPH pump does not have enough pressure for this valve. A garden hose or other pressurized system should work just fine.


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