About Us

Karlsson Robotics is located in Jupiter, Florida. We are here to proudly serve the professional and hobbyist market in South Florida.

Karlsson Robotics was founded in 2011 when we decided to create a tele-presence robot. We thought this would be a simple task – order the parts, put it together and voila a robot is born. Unfortunately we got a nasty surprise. The first thing we discovered was that we had to learn how to program a micro-controller – learn a new language, new tools, new syntax, etc.

We then decided that we could make life a lot easier for others that wanted to accomplish robotics tasks by creating gadgets. These gadgets perform basic tasks i.e. reading the temperature, communicating with Blue Tooth or proximity detection. The goal was that every gadget should be simple to use and connect and easy to communicate with. An additional goal is to provide easy to follow directions on how to integrate these gadgets with any system.

We discovered many gadgets, components and sensors from other manufacturers and proudly provide those to our customers.

We will gladly provide basic design assistance, to integrate any of our listed modules. We also provide more comprehensive design assistance at an hourly or project rate.

Karlsson Robotics also provides prototyping (schematics and protoboards), prototype manufacture and assembly. Delivered product includes PCB’s and stainless steel stencils.

No project is complete without a software component, Karlsson Robotics can also provide custom software design for all your embedded systems or for your PC interfaces.

Gustav Karlsson
Karlsson Robotics